Interested in Upgrading your FREE HOODQ neighbour data on your WEBKIT website to a HOODQ Subscription?

We’ve been working with HoodQ to automatically provide your site visitors with a neighbourhood snapshot including Schools, Parks and Transit for every listing. You’ll see this on all of your listing detail pages now!

Upgrade to a HoodQ subscription and turn your neighbourhood data into a Lead Generator

In addition, if you have a HoodQ subscription, we can also automatically provide your site visitors with a beautiful full-page Address Report for every listing. Click here to see a sample of a HoodQ Address Report.

HoodQ Lite version included with your WEBKIT website

HoodQ neighbourhood widget with Subscription

Offer your Clients a Detailed Neighbourhood Report

Add the neighbourhood reports to your website with the HoodQ subscription, and capture users Name and email when they click the View Report Now button.

All leads are sent directly to your email with a copy of the report that the user requested.

If you don’t yet have a HoodQ subscription, we have secured a Coupon Code for you to get a special deal of 10% off a one-year plan, or 10% off the first month of the Monthly plan.

We are happy to provide this special offer to you, since a HoodQ subscription provides you with a long list of benefits, including:

  • Unlimited reports for any address in seconds
  • Reports automatically display agent branding
  • Address Reports
  • School Reports
  • Detailed Reports
  • Free Address Report Add-On to Neighbourhood Highlights Widget for EVERY MLS listing on your site

HoodQ Reports can be used for a multiple of sales situations, such as:

Open House Showings – where HoodQ Address Reports™, Detailed Reports™, and School Reports™ can be handed out to attendees

Buyer Tours – where agents can provide reports for properties in advance of the tour

Listing Presentations – to allow the agents to stand apart from the competition with HoodQ Reports for the listing clients’ address

Lead Generation – where agents can offer to create reports for any address, capturing new leads as they go


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